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Practical life advice delivered with a sense of humor and a side of intuition.

Is it good? It’s definitely not bad!

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Good advice is universal.

Pamela Lund

Pamela Lund

The Linchpin

CK Chung

CK Chung

The Anomaly

Hi! I’m your host Pam.

I’m the person my friends and family turn to for advice on everything from relationships to business and anything in between. They joke that they ask themselves “What would Pam do?” when they need direction, perspective, or a kick in the ass.

I’m joined by my partner in everything, CK, who’s heard my advice for over a decade, even when he didn’t want it.

On each episode of Not Bad Advice, we discuss one good idea that you can use right away no matter who you are or where you’re at in life.

After the practical advice portion of the show, we get a little more intuitive. On the fly, I will pull an Oracle card and offer a perspective on what the card is asking us to consider, pay attention to, or let go of. You don’t have to believe in intuition or wisdom from the universe or anything, really, for the perspective to have meaning.

We’re all different, so while good advice is universal, you should listen with an open mind, see what resonates for you, and apply it in a way that makes sense in your life.

That’s #NotBadAdvice.

Not Bad With Money

Everyone deserves to feel in control of their financial future.

The latest episodes:

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What does Pam’s bum shoulder have to teach us about behavioral change and how we show up in the world?

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Have you tried and failed at budgeting in the past? Chances are the system is what failed, not you. Listen to discover why most budgets suck and how you can do it better.

How To Spend Money Mindfully

Do you wonder where your money goes every month? Do you beat yourself up when you buy things you can’t afford or didn’t plan to buy? Do you buy things to deal with feelings, like loneliness or stress?

You’re not alone.

The way you spend money is deeply tied to your emotional state, how satisfied you are with your life, your self-confidence, and almost anything else going on in your life.

Learn how to be mindful of why you spend money, how to stop feeling guilty about it, and how to plan for the unplanned so you can stop using credit.

How To Stop Thinking You’re Bad With Money

What happens when you tell yourself that you’re bad with money? Or when you don’t believe you’re worthy of more? Nothing good! Find out how to identify and overcome the money stories that are holding you back.

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Practical life advice delivered with a sense of humor and a side of intuition. Is it good? It’s definitely not bad!
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It all started out as practicing podcasting, and now we think we're actually doing it... for real?

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Discover how a couple overcame the invisible struggles of poorly-understood mental health issues.

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