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A stoically-reflective, self-coached, real-time-work-in-progress adventure of agile-podcasting, freetalking, perspective-taking, and over-hyphenating.

A wondrously complex mind.

If I do say so myself. 😏 This is what happens when a chronically hypervigilant recovering over-analyzer tries to reintegrate into society. Except this time I’m not trying to be anyone other than myself.

It’s all about practice.

CK Chung

CK Chung

The Anomaly

Pamela Lund

Pamela Lund

The Linchpin

❓ What do you do when you know deep down that you can make a positive impact, but you can never find the right words to do it effectively or doubts and feelings of inadequacy bubble up?

🎯 Practice.


It’s taken me until the age of 40 to feel comfortable in my own skin. Now I’m trying to find my voice.

👋 Heyo! I’m CK, your functional systems integrator. What’s that? Well, let’s just say I love to learn about a lot of different things and find connections between them to enhance the collective whole. I’ve done this a lot in the realms of functional health and digital marketing, and I’m continuing to branch out into other areas like audio/visual content creation and music production.

🗣️ I’ve never been much of a talker, so it made all the sense in the world to start my own podcast. I’m using this platform to practice podcasting and practice speaking in general, while espousing half-thoughts and providing unsolicited advice.

🔊 I’m fortunate to have The Linchpin at the Forces of Equal, Pamela, come along with me as my Practice partner. We talk about my experience with this process along with various lifestyle practices, as well as theories and ideas behind the virtue of practice itself.

📈 These Practice Sessions are unscripted and our conversations are published unedited, so my progress with speaking will be fully transparent.

🥗 I tend to develop a lot of concepts and tangent salads around science and philosophy, especially around complex systems and mindset.

👐 Whether you’re interested in exploring agile podcasting, considering the effects of positive self-reflection, or just observing my attempt in learning how to talk as I psychoanalyze myself throughout the process… 👉 you have a wondrously complex mind, too, and I’d love to have you come along and explore with me.

🎙️ We record weekly on Sundays and try to publish by Monday.

🎯 #KeepOnPracticing


Keeping it agile and adapting on the fly.

Join in on the fun as I self-experiment with agile-podcasting and practice talking unedited on the fly. All while espousing the virtues of practice and working out how to articulate the complex thoughts that constantly make tangent salads in my mind.

The latest Practice Sessions:

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Practical life advice delivered with a sense of humor and a side of intuition. Is it good? It’s definitely not bad!
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It all started out as practicing podcasting, and now we think we're actually doing it... for real?

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Discover how a couple overcame the hidden struggles of poorly-understood mental health issues.

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